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Farha Syed

My name is Farha Syed. I am a freelance artist focusing in abstract art, Islamic caligraphy and kufic scripture. Much of my work displays Quranic quotes with traditional flare.

I studied at academic and art institutions in Pakistan and United States. My art career has spanned over two decades. My career has been supplemented with nominations for best concept artist and publications of my achievements in various media outlets.

I have had the honor to showcase my work at many exhibitions internationally and locally. My art has grown within me in great lengths and due to my passion for my work, I never tend to miss an opportunity to continue growing and learning to the best of my ability.

As an instructor and student, I have participated in many workshops, seminars, courses and classes at various colleges and educational institutions. I have served as an art instructor with the Brighter Horizons Academy Art Club and Masjid Al-Salam Sunday School. I have participated as an artist exhibiting my art work at the Islamic Arts festival in Houston, Texas every year since inception. I also offer private art instruction to children and adults.

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